The Black One

Hello all. So while the title of this page may be a joke, it is unfortunately true a lot of the time. I went to Rutgers for library school which arguably is a fairly diverse university, and yet in a good 95% of my classes, not only was I the only black student in the room, I was the only person of color period. And it definitely showed in terms of the attitudes of the other students and faculty. I remember I received one of the scholarships given by the department, and some of the other students were shocked that I received a scholarship based on merit and my interest in school librarianship, and not the “diversity one.”

Then I went out into the “real world” so to speak. And it pretty much stayed the same. School librarian and the only black teacher on staff. Even though the population of students were mixed. And now I’m at a university with a large black population and I’m still one of few POC librarians at the library. Which is made extremely apparent at all library meetings. It’s also made worse cause, if I have the spoons for it, I’m not afraid to ask the hard questions. So that’s me-the black one-stirring up trouble and throwin shade in the back.