Let’s start with our baseline; most of what we talk about here is going to be related to our professional work. So, what do we do, and what are our positions?

We are resident librarians in a university library in the United States. We currently occupy two-year residency positions. “Librarian residency?” you say, with a skeptical look on your face. We’re glad you asked. Like medical residencies, academic library residencies are term-limited positions that are designed to launch new librarians into practice and research. Many university libraries with residency programs have apparently decided to kill two birds with one stone by stipulating that their residency programs be “diversity initiatives.” More on all of this in forthcoming posts — worry you not.

This space will contain posts that are meant for professional discussion, as well as posts intended for personal reflection and self-care. They will be differentiated by tags. Professional-discussion posts will generally be more polished, and will be tagged with “ForDiscussion” and/or “StrictlyProfesh.” Self-care posts will be recognizable by the tags “Feelings” and/or “SelfCare,” and you will probably be able to tell what they are purely by the tone of the post. We greatly appreciate your understanding.


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