The Wheel Moves Ever So Slowly

Academia, man. It is a wonder anything gets done. In order to even have a super sanitized work blog, you have to go through three different committees. Three! And it just feels like I’m the awkward parrot who keeps saying “schools do this differently!” over and over and over again until it loses meaning and everyone checks out. But like….I had almost complete autonomy while in a school. Can you imagine what that’s like? To think of a program and only have to work through the logistics? The only question ever asked of me when I did things for the students was “how much would it cost?” and “is it age appropriate?” And as long as those questions were answered I could just keep it moving. To go from that to this extreme bureaucracy is painful. It’s like going home for the holidays. You answer only to yourself for most of the year and then go home and are treated like a child again. Either way it is unfun. Now of course I understand that with giant universities it’ll be worse, but I don’t think it’ll be something I’ll ever really get used to it.


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